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She could be our next GBV victim if nothing is done as her ex-boyfriend does this to her

There are men out there who think they own people, some men out there will come to you and ask to be in a relationship with you and promise to take good care of you, and when you agree to be with them they automatically think you belong to them forever.

And the painful part about this whole thing is that when you want out of the relationship they will tell you no you will leave when they say so, on the other side we have some guys who will dump you and when you decide to move on with your life they will make your life a living hell. It's either they will beat you up when they see you with another because they are jealous they can't accept the fact that you moved on with your life without them, as they thought you can't leave without them.

A girl by the name of Thando took to her social media account to share how her ex-boyfriend allegedly beat her up whenever he sees her with another guy. And she's scared for her life as she feels that this guy might kill her one day, as she says she doesn't understand what does this guy wants exactly.

Some people are just pure evil and selfish, first of all, it's alleged that he's the one who left the girl not the other way round, now he thinks he can just block her from moving on with her life, and not only that but when he sees her with someone else he beats her up.

This is not far he probably thinks he owns this girl and no men will have her, it's worse because it's alleged that he's behaving like this, and on the other side he doesn't want her back.

In his mind he probably thought this girl will never find happiness, she will never find someone who will love her, but he was wrong because she did find love at the end of the day. That's why he's struggling to move on with his own life.

People need to understand that no one belongs to someone. If you decide to move on with your life let the other person move on as well don't be selfish, you can't go around beating people because you're struggling to accept that it's over. This lady should lay a charge of assault against this guy.

It's men like this that gives other men a bad name, by doing all these bad things to women, we say no to gender-based violence this guy must be arrested so that he can learn not to lay his hands on women because no one knows how many more victims are others who are scared to come forward, But if Thando takes a step then she can save them.

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