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"A lot of women will look at this and see brokenness in terms of money" one suggests

Independence is important because. It promotes confidence and self-esteem as well as motivation and perseverance in school. It develops other vital qualities such as patience, concentration, self-help, cooperation, self-discipline and self-trust. Onthe other hand Peace is sitting in comfort and knowing that God is next to your side no matter what.

So when the verse from Galatians says that the fruit of the spirit is peace, it is knowing that when we have the spirit in us and among us, we are able to sit in peace. Sometimes we need both peace and independence and this starts by finding your own place irregardless of what you might have or not, this can give you more peace of mind as you will be staying alone.

A man recently took to social media to share a picture of where his independence and peace have started and his picture encouraged others to share theirs with so much pride and confidence. A lot of other people where left impressed after seeing this while others thought otherwise. One tweep in the comments even mentioned that when ladies see this, they would think one is broke in terms of finances.

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Galatians Peace


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