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OPINION |3 Lucky Women Who Married Into Mzansi Presidential Family

Source: (Marrying Your Equal Is Better Than Marrying Rich)

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In this article, we will see some disadvantages of marrying into a rich family and also 3 women that married into the number 1 family in south Africa at a time.

There are two common methods for getting married. You have the option of marrying someone who is on your level or marrying someone who is wealthy. Marrying your equal is, in my opinion, preferable to marrying affluent.

There's something to be said for starting from the ground up and building a business together. It's more difficult to appreciate unexpected income, especially if it wasn't earned.

People that have similar levels of achievement are usually the same age, income, education, wealth, and/or experience.

A lack of respect may be the most common reason for couples to break up, followed by resentment as a close second.

Let's pretend you're a better person than your partner. If you see them sitting around too much instead of hustling to get to the top of something, anything, you can start to lose respect for them.

If you're the one who's relaxing, you can begin to resent your spouse for being so demanding, especially if they're much older than you. Why be so successful if you can't appreciate the fruits of your labor? You begin to justify yourself to yourself.

Physical passion can only last so long before substance takes over. It's also simple to take each other for granted over time.

The Benefits of Marrying a Rich Person

1) You skip a generation of struggle

In a single lifetime, enormous wealth can be amassed. However, accumulating enormous fortune necessitates a combination of hard effort and luck. Given that we only have one life to live, it makes sense to marry wealthy at an early age and relax rather than working incredibly hard later in life to become wealthy.

Not only will you be able to live a longer life of luxury, but you may also be able to help your family rise up the socioeconomic ladder by marrying wealthy. Families have a tendency to help one another.

2. You have a better probability of succeeding.

Having a wealthy spouse opens a lot of possibilities for those of you who have the pride and self-motivation to succeed. Your wealthy spouse will be able to assist you in your profession more than the ordinary person.

People who are wealthy have greater power to influence events than those who are not wealthy. If your wealthy spouse or his or her wealthy family is unable to assist you directly, they may be able to refer you to someone who can. The wealthy's network is a valuable resource.

Now 3 women who married into Mzansi President family are:

1. Rabia Clarke: 4th wife to the grandson of Nelson Mandela (Mandla Mandela)

2. Shanice Stork: Wife to Duduzane Zuma (Jacob Zuma's son)

3. Bridget Birungi: Wife to Andile Ramaphosa (Son of Cyril Ramaphosa)

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