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Husband and wife relationship

After seeing this picture a lot of men were left wishing they were this man

Marriage is often viewed as a union between two people who truly love and trust each other.

 However this can change depending on the customs, traditions and cultures of the people involved. Africans have been practicing polygamy since the first century. This is when a man is allowed to take more than one wife and they all remain loyal to him. In the past it was mainly made for the purpose of reproduction while females and children were considered the source of employment.

 Today modern polygamy is practiced and now men are doing it as a way to show that they have money and can care to take care of more than one woman. A specific photo is circulating on social media that many people are talking about.

 There was a man sitting between his two wives with the word love written on their T-shirts. The photo is captioned "My relationship of desire, I rebuke the greedy spirit of love. Women do not understand." Men have the opinion that women should be open to the idea of ​​sharing a husband because it makes men happy.

 Although the comments of some people suggest to say it is only possible if a person has a lot of money and is not struggling. Women love money so they will stay if the situation allows them.

 Women also came up with their defense saying that it would be acceptable if only men would also accept being in a polyandry where a woman could be allowed to have more than one husband. Polygamy can look good in the photo but in most cases it will be hard to ground. Women are naturally jealous so it can be difficult for them to share a husband.

 In the photo some people even suggest that the girls are not happy to look so they are cool with problems but just decided to play.

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