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3 Common Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Lady You Just Met

If you do not want to get into trouble with the woman, you need to learn the right phrases to tell her. If you want a woman to be angry, you have to be careful about what you say.

 Regardless of her feelings, there are some questions that a man should never ask a woman, because it destroys her. Another factor that can lead to early failure in a relationship is asking the wrong questions.

 It is very important to know and maintain your limitations in a relationship, and it should be one of your top priorities. Respect your daughter's wishes and do not force her to talk about something you do not want.


 If you repeatedly ask questions of your girlfriend, she will become frustrated and uncomfortable. If you do not practice vigilance at any time, the connection may be broken.

 As a man, do not ask the woman you just met these questions; It irritates her.

 1. Don't ask about her past relationships.

 Not everyone is like you; Some people go through a series of catastrophes, and it makes them feel even worse. If she doesn't have to talk about it, be careful.

 2. Don't ask a woman too soon about her family.

 Her closest relatives are also important to keep in mind. Wait and after asking about yourself, don't ask if she has anything to say about her own family. She may be facing family problems or other difficulties. If she does not talk a lot about her own family, you may think that there is a problem.

 3. Do not ask about a woman's physical appearance.

 Asking about a woman's appearance is simply rude. If you are together,

 You just upset her, and she may be upset about it. Asking about a woman's body is similar to asking about men who have sex with her. If you simply love her, do not try to dissuade her or even ask her such a question.

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