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6 things that turn every woman off

In this article, I am going to talk about the weaknesses that make men unattractive to women. Every woman in this world hates men who do any of the following things. Women see men who do any of the following things as weak.

1. Opening up to her

This means that you are letting her know about your weaknesses and your insecurities. She will use all those things against you. The other way of opening up is to keep on reminding her of how much you love and need her. Women see men who show their feelings as weak. This is the reason they love bad boys. They are emotionally unavailable. They don't give them that reassurance. This leaves her wondering where she stands with him. Women chase bad boys to find out how they really about them. If you are going to be upfront and honest with her and show all your feelings from the start, you ruined the attraction.

2. Raising your voice

This means that you are argumentative. You are trying to match her tone. If she can get you emotional, you have lost. Women want men who can calm them down, not a man who is going to act just like her. If you are also emotional just like her, she can not respect you.

3. Physical compliments

You don't have to tell a woman that she is beautiful. She hears that every day. Telling her that she is beautiful won't make you special. Forget about what you watch on tv or read about In romance books. Giving her physical compliments will make you appear inauthentic. She is used to men telling her that. If you feel like complimenting her, rather do it on her personality. You can always tell her that she is interesting and you like her sense of humor. You don't have to tell her that she is pretty. When you compliment a woman, she will see you as one of the guys who want to Worship her.

4. Starring

This will make her feel very uncomfortable. No one wants to be stared at. If you like her, just go and talk to her. Starring makes women think that you are desperate. Women don't want a desperate man who doesn't get any women. Even if you are desperate don't show it.

5. Being needy

Neediness means that you look up to her as someone to give you emotional support. You always want to be around her and you also make her feel guilty for not spending time with you. You don't want to be with her 24/7. She is going to get bored with you. She doesn't want to feel like she is your mother.

6. Being a yes man

This means that you always say yes to everything she says. You avoid conflict. You don't have your own opinions. You may think that bending over for her will make her like you even more. She will lose respect for you.

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