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Husband and wife relationship

I was hospitalized because I failed to open up to my wife - A man talks about what he went through

Getting married means you are ready to share your life with someone else. Sharing lives means everything in the house belongs to the both of you, and not just material things. Even the problems that one of you might overcome should be brought to the table so that you can deal with them as people who made the vows.

The problem is that some men prefer to keep their problems to themselves because they do not want to put their wives under similar stress. That act is not good for women who love being involved. Leaving them out of your problems as a husband makes them feel like you do not trust that they can be useful.

There is a man on Twitter who confessed that he was hospitalized just because he failed to share his problems with his wife. The man's name is Lebogang Mekgoe, and he says his wife is angry at him because his family is now attacking her. Lebogang, who was hospitalized for depression, is currently taking medication which falls under the category of depressants. After making this confession, he then encouraged other men to normalize the practice of opening up to their wives when they have problems.

He is grateful to God that he came back alive. He stated that he would not be able to explain in heaven why he lost his life simply because he did not open up to the woman he chose to marry.

I think it helps to have someone that you will always be able to open up to when you come across a situation that you cannot share with your wife. Yes, keeping secrets in marriage is not good, but there are things that you cannot bring into your wife's attention before you are certain of where they are headed to. Men do not want to rely on women when there is a problem at home, and when there is a problem at work, they are happy to be the ones to find a solution.

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Lebogang Mekgoe


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