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Divorce Affair

After This Strange Discovery, a Man Divorces His Wife While on Honeymoon

After realizing that his wife was having an affair with a well-known prophet, a man named Wezzie Nyangu supposedly ended his "one-day marriage."

Wezzie Nyangu chose to break his 'one-day marriage' with Martha Pondani (a nurse by profession) as soon as he heard that she was having an affair with a man identified as Prophet.

According to information acquired by Bright Kenya News, the new couple is thought to have married on October 2, 2021. On their first day of their honeymoon, however, the tables were turned.

Mr. Wezzie claims he looked through his new wife's phone while she was taking a shower, and what he found shocked him.

He found his new wife was having a clandestine love affair with famous Prophet Bentry of the Revival Crusade thanks to compromising photographs of them together.

His wife was taken aback when she discovered he was uncomfortable and silent after she finished bathing him. She had expected her husband to greet her with a kiss and some new styles,' but alas, the man quickly changed colors and became quite upset!

This is what folks on social media have stated.

We do not condone cheating in any way; instead, a person should remove all of the doggy dealing messages the next time to avoid such situations. Now that she is losing weight, the wedding of her dreams is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

What would you have done if you were the husband in this situation? It would be nice to hear your thoughts so that we can better understand how to deal with the situation.

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