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My Fiancé Drugged Me After Deceiving Me To The House He Allegedly Built for Us

During an interview with Premium Times, Halimah Khadijat shared her story of abuse she suffered at the hands of her fiancé with the publication. Following her trauma, Khadijat is said to have become psychologically disturbed.

The Premium Times said that Khadijat will marry a businessman in Sokoto State in 2020, according to the article. Khadijat's husband, on the other hand, had returned to Kano State, leaving Khadijat behind. Her journey to Kano State was ultimately fruitless in her attempt to rejoin her husband, who had supplied her with a 'uninhabitable place to dwell' while she was still in the country.

In an attempt to locate a somewhere to live, Khadijat took up residence in a residence offered by her brother's boss in Kano State. However, after four months of accommodating Khadijat, the man in question proposed to her and they were married.

Khadijat described her trauma in the following words: "My fiancé told me one day that he wanted to show me the house he had built for us in order to demonstrate his sincerity. We got to the home and he handed me a drink that had already been altered, and I passed out for the rest of the day. When I awoke, I realized that he had been having his way with me without my permission. He, on the other hand, encouraged me not to be concerned because he was my fiancé."

When Khadijat found out she was pregnant, it was just two months after the event had place. Her pregnancy was revealed to the father of her unborn child (fiancé), but he recommended an alternative that was incompatible with Khadijat's religious beliefs, which she declined.

Khadijat went on to say the following: "He pleaded with me not to tell anybody about what he had done to me when I informed him that I was returning to my parents' home in Sokoto, Nigeria. He also stated that he will send me money. Eventually, he stopped sending money, and he didn't come to see me in the hospital or attend the naming ceremony for his child. After the ceremony, I traveled to his family's home in Kano State, where I promptly passed out from exhaustion. After his family transported me to the hospital, the father of my kid sent me a threatening message on my cell phone. After the tragedy, I returned to my hometown of Sokoto."

Khadijat rented a room in Sokoto, where she and her kid were able to live comfortably. Khadijat, on the other hand, quickly became psychologically disturbed.


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