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Do not fall in love with these girls if you value your sanity (OPINION)

Some guys are the cause of their problems with women. Their inability to read signs and maybe inexperience is the main reason for their heart breaks and tears. If you truly want to have peace of mind with women, it is better you use your head than your heart.

Getting into relationships and dating at a young age has a negative impact and adverse effects on young children and teenagers. Dating during the high school years has many disadvantages including poor academic performance, social disobedience and increased levels of delinquency, depression, pregnancy, and drug use.

If you value your sanity never fall in love with :

1) Girls between 18-23

Though maturity has nothing do with age, but most girls in this age range do not understand love yet, they are still exploring. They do not know the difference between love, infatuation and obsession it will fade away with time though. Most girls within this age range will like a guy at first sight but will loose interest within weeks or days into relationships. If you get into a relationship with this kind of girls it's better you focus your mind on intimacy and prepare for the worst. Women are naturally confused but they are more confused at this stage of their life. They usually prefer bad boys and womanisers. A maturated guy who wants to build a relationship with such girls is building on sand.

For young girls, if their friends are all dating someone, they might put pressure on themselves to find a boyfriend too.

Teens should be discouraged from a romantic relationship. The only rational thing that they ought to do is to focus on their career and make their life meaningful by pursuing the purpose for which they were sent here on Earth. Each of us has a specific purpose and the power of making our dreams come true lies within.

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