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A man cheated on his girlfriend, and the girlfriend responded in the worst possible way

The victim cheated on his girlfriend of years, apparently the girl wasn't aware of her partner's dishonesty and when she found out all hell broke lose. When she found out all she could think about was the lies her boyfriend have been telling her. She couldn't contain her anger and went to the guys house and smashed almost everything she came across with in the room, she started by stripping the car, scratched it, took out the vehicle's wheels amd damaged the chairs. She then started breaking the aluminum door which is kind of hard to break, got inside and started smashing and destroying. She then left the house since then her whereabouts are still unknown. People on facebook are angry, they arr saying that the war between men and women is still on and will go on forever since the gorvernment is supporting women even when they are in the wrong. The victim is still in shock but has reported the matter to the police.

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