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'See what a guy caught his girlfriend doing in their room that got him 'trade' a blow.

Here's what a guy discovered in his girlfriend's room that caused him to 'trade blows with his girlfriend' (Video)

Jealousy can manifest itself in every relationship; in fact, jealousy has been the root cause of the dissolution of the majority of marriages. Because it is such a damaging feeling, it has the ability to strangle a happy partnership and destroy whatever trust that may have existed previously. Jealousy can lead to a variety of negative emotions, ranging from insecurity and mistrust to rejection, fear, anger, and anxiety, among others.

A young man caught his girlfriend in the act, and without waiting for her to calm down, this jealous lover became enraged and began throwing fists without first enquiring as to what was truly happening.

The cost of some jokes can be prohibitive; for example, this female pranked her lover by dressing up a toy as a man and getting into a "romantic" mood with the toy. When her boyfriend returned home and saw her in the act of cheating, he became enraged and ran out to the group, hitting the object with such force that the girl became terrified..

As soon as he realized it was only a hoax, the guy became relaxed and began laughing cheerfully when he realized she had even brought her phone to the scene and was filming the whole thing with her phone camera.


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