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Would You Marry A Woman Who Smokes? - Opinion

Tobacco smoking is defined as the act of burning tobacco and inhaling the resulting smoke. Smoke can be inhaled, as with cigarettes, or simply exhaled via the lips, as with pipes and cigars. The practice is thought to have started in Mesoamerica and South America around 5000–3000 BC. Tobacco was brought to Eurasia by European colonists in the late 17th century, where it followed common trade routes. The practice drew criticism from the moment it arrived in the Western world, but it quickly established itself in some strata of society before becoming common with the introduction of automated cigarette-rolling machines.

 Tobacco is the most commonly consumed material, and tobacco is the most commonly consumed technique. Agricultural products are frequently combined with additives before being burned. The active chemicals are then absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs or the oral mucosa when the smoke is breathed. Several chemicals in cigarette smoke cause chemical responses in nerve endings, which increase heart rate, alertness, and reaction time, among other things.

 Many people start smoking in their adolescence or early adulthood. Early on, a combination of perceived pleasure serving as positive reinforcement and a desire to respond to social peer pressure may help to mask the unpleasant symptoms of first-time usage, which usually include nausea and coughing. After a few years of smoking, the desire to avoid withdrawal symptoms and negative reinforcement become the primary incentives for continuing.

Smoking used to be something commonly done by men, but now since societies have evolved, many women smoke too. And very often, men have said that a woman who smokes is unattractive, even though they have some in common with them.

Smoking women are judged more harshly in society than men who smoke and drink, because it is believed that a woman that smokes does not have any respect for herself.

Would you marry a woman who smokes?

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