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"My dad just professed his love for my mom in front of my step-dad" A messy family situation trends

One thing about Twitter? People will share their deeply personal stories for a laugh or for engagements. This time the story was as complex as a storyline on a soap opera. It was pure Days Of Our Lives but the local version surely.

The epic event? A man professing his love for a woman who is married to someone else.

This has everyone on Twitter in a frenzy and the post has since been like by 12.5k people so far who agree that this is the type of content we love to consume. User @AsToldByKea took to her account to write, "MY DAD JUST PROFESSED HIS LOVE FOR MY MOM IN FRONT OF MY STEP-DAD. IT'S BURNING."

What followed after her tweet was a thread of minute by minute updates about what was truly going on back at home. She claimed her mother had only laughed at the situation while her step father cried. Her father however was threatening to leave with his kids and causing a scene of note while the kids locked themselves in their room and played X-box.

Social Media Response

It was an extremely dramatic account of events and everyone was waiting for Kea to open a space to explain. She didn't, but it didn't stop Tweeps from responding.

One user wrote, "[...] Nah dawg Twitter is better than everything on TV, hence I don't regret having no TV."

While another user wanted live updates for herself, writing, "I'm in EL. Senda location I'll send live updates😂

Also I'm on the stepdad's side"

This last user was the only one who spoke any sense, writing, "I don't know the whole story and I'm sorry if it doesn't relate. Sometimes we have stepdads for a reason also parents are people too and love is messy for everyone 🥺 so yeah..."

Personal Thoughts

We don't know the whole story as Kea is not in East London like her parents. But I would just like to know how it's possible for the father to say his "I Love You" in the first place. Were they just having dinner together? I've heard of modern families but it it feels a little ridiculous to me.

I don't think entertaining her ex would be a good idea for Kea's mother. He is clearly a man with many issues and no respect. He brings a cacophony of chaos and that shouldn't be what anyone chooses to do.

What would you do if you were in that situation? Let me know in the comments...💬

Thank you for your time!

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