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5 Secret Things Your Woman Tells Her Friends About You.

Women aren't particularly adept at keeping secrets, therefore they must share with their friends. There are some things that your woman always tells her friends about you and her. Some of the things your woman always tells her friends about you are listed below.

1. How nicely you treat her.

When you treat your girlfriend nicely, she can't hide her delight. She'll tell her friends how much you like her, how you buy her wonderful necklaces, how you treat her to a nice dinner date, or how you surprise her with gifts.

2. The promise you made to purchase her a car.

This is most likely something she won't be able to keep for herself. Her friends must see how much you care for her because you promise to purchase her a car. She will always tell her friends, even if you tell her to keep it a secret.

3. How you introduced yourself to her for the first time.

You're probably curious as to what you can say about how you approached her. When you meet a woman for the first time, the first impression you make is crucial. This reveals your true self as well as your self-assurance. So make a point of approaching her in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

4. About how you cheated on her.

Her friends will be the first to know if things in your relationship start to go south. They are sometimes the first to offer her suggestions on how to proceed.

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