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Check Out Gorgeous Pictures Of Grand P And His Beautiful Girlfriend

Check Out Grand P's Gorgeous Girlfriend That Everyone Is Talking

I was touched by the relationship of Billionaire Grand P and his plush size model Eudoxie Yao. I also understand why people would be against their relationship but the truth is the two love each other regardless what parents and people are saying behind their back. Grand P who recently been admitted at the hospital after suffering bones dislocation andbhs girlfriend has shown much of support from his girlfriend Eudoxie Yao.

I know there has been rumors circulating in Social media that the couple are no longer together. Bit after reading this article, without going any further I knew that there's only one person who care about Grand P and that person is his girlfriend. Apparently Hrand P is now at hoor under the care of his Ivorian obese girlfriend Eudoxie Yao and his doing better.

I was impressed by this picture of them together. I could not help but to gush each other. It something we did not expect as we are used to man carrying woman to the back. But to this couple they turned things around an spice it up little bit. It turns out that Eudoxie is not only just beautiful and curvaceous but she's also supporting. Last year grand P was running for the Presidency in his home country (Guinea). Many people trolled Grand P and they criticized his relationship because his girlfriend was leading his campaign but despite the critics Eudoxie stuck by Grand P' s side all the time when he needed her.

It's out pleasant enough for viewers to see this couple loving each ither so hard. Without any doubt these two make one great couple of all time but they do have their flaws at some times. In August this year, it was accounted for that fabulous P and his life partner Eudoxie have headed out in a different direction yet their break was fleeting as they fixed things surprisingly fast. Stupendous P flaunted his affection to Eudoxie when he delivered a tune, requesting pardoning.

Since the couple land into relationship they have been criticized. While some accused Eudoxie of getting married to Grand P for financial benefit because of their physical discrepancies in size and height. Beside others' perspectives , the pair expressed that they were satisfied with their relationship since size didn't make any difference in their relationship.

Do you think Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are a good match? What do you think? Your point of view is quite important.

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