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Curious girlfriend found something on her boyfriend jacket and want answers

A young lady found muthi on her boyfriend's jacket while doing his laundry and was very curious to know the type of muthi it is and what it is used for. She posted her curosity on a Facebook page called " Awakening the spiritual eyes" . The group have different traditional healers and people who are able to assist with spiritual things.

Some blamed her for going through her boyfriend's jacket, they told her that she should respect other people's things. How can you wash clothes without checking the pockets first? 

What made her concerned about this is the fact that her boyfriend told her that he does not want anything to do with muthi, but now she finds this in his jacket.

Many people told her that it looks like it's dry garlic, the boyfriend is just protecting himself from something. Others said that the best way to find out is to talk to him about this issue that is troubling her or go for consultation.

If you were in the same situation as hers, how would you deal with it?

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