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My Boyfriends Ex Is Sending Hin This Should I Be Worried (read the chats)

Quite a number of people always say " Never have confidence in your man whenever he is around he whom he calls his baby mama the 2 are always likely to get back with each other "

Well in my case i honestly decided to distance myself from such saying and had some trust in my man when he looked me straight in the eye and told me that what he had for his toddler mama is an issue of the past, The only motive that brings them collectively us their child and nothing much. With that being stated I decided to method the child mama so I can construct some exact relationship with her and maybe ask her to bring the child over.

As I used to be about to be sent her a direct massage her I decided to go through her Facebook snap shots and located her 5 instances hotter than I am and i genuinely coudnt help it however to question myself how could he leave such lovely lady for me.One night curiosity bought the better of me and I went via their texts and this is what I saw.Read the screenshots below

I am nonetheless struggling to recognize why is it that she had to send a pic where she additionally appears because he stated his child.

Although it is not clear what they are going to be meeting about some thing tells me that am at the edge of loosing my man to her because after he caught me going via his phone he has now installed a password which am now not conscious of.Will it be a terrible thought if I approach the girl and tell her to reduce all ties with him and talk all that has to do with their child with him through me? Please leave some comments below

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