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Husband and wife relationship

Be a wife not a knife

Women are beautiful, gorgeous , smart and sexy. With the right woman by your side you can reach for the stars, the sky is no limit. You can reach your goals and make all your dreams come true.

A woman can be a woman but fail to be a wife. She can be a woman but fail to be a mother so you need to take your time when choosing a wife.

To all woman , stop being a thorn in your husband's flesh, yes he might have cheated on you some time back but you need to forgive and forget. The reason why most man cheat it's because the woman they Meet out there treat them like kings, they give them attention , and they go an extra mile for them while you the wife prepare for world War3.

Stop being a knife and be a wife, Stop acting acting like a private investigator , Stop being bitter and wicked ,Stop allowing your emotions to get the best of you.

You love your man so why make his life a living hell ? He comes home late not because his cheating but because he wants to avoid you. He uses every little opportunity to get away from You wisely. Your husband is a drunkard and a smoker because he doesn't want to deal with u in a sober mind.


I mean who wouldn't run away from a knife? My fellow women before you start pointing fingers check yourself and build your home.

Be a wife you are meant to be.

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