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Applying for SASSA Grant and it got declined? Here is the reason why. (Opinion)

You must be curious to learn the basis for the denial, right? You should strive to put yourself in the isolated person's shoes and evaluate the possible motivating causes for their behaviour.

If no objections are raised, I'd like to recommend that any necessary statements be scheduled for Monday, June 27. Please proceed accordingly. The correspondence pertaining to the charm has resumed on that date.

In the depressing month of December of the previous year, I took the decision to alter my last name. My application was declined despite the fact that I had a new identifying document and that my marriage had caused a delay in processing. It transpired shortly after I formally changed my surname.

Why, given that everything you require is right here, linked to the file that contains my primary identification card? It is an incontrovertible reality that even @HomeAffairsSA cannot dispute the veracity of this statement.

This does not lend credence to the notion that the engraving is authentic, and it is mostly unsupported. One of the individuals I spoke with confirmed that he was rejected due to his other income; he explained that his grandmother used to send him R600 per month to cover utilities and associations, but now she only sends him R400 due to the colder climate and the fact that he must use the remainder to send his children to school.

Additionally, he added that his grandmother used to send him R600 each month to cover utilities and organisations. He claimed that he was already being rewarded in another method and could not accept the job as a result.

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