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A Gay Couple Is Under House Arrest- They Are Facing Death Sentence Should They Fail To Do This

Wonders shall never end in our lovely continent that we love so much. We hear or see different things in life that will test out our love towards our loved ones. The nature of a man is to be a pillar of his household and to support his wife and children.

Here is a story that happened a gay couple which went to the court of law with regard to their relationship. This couple was later sentenced to twelve months house arrest after they were found guilty of being married to the same gender. The court of law says that two males can't be involved with each other, as it is said that it is against the law. It was further mentioned that the couple will be under house arrest for twelve months, and they ordered to have a child within that people. Should one of the men not fall pregnant within this time, then they will have to face the death penalty.

Man are said to be blessed with productivity and this is all done by nature. The Zimbabwe court of law said that they will allow same gender marriages only if a man can get pregnant. There is nowhere in the world that men can fall pregnant, and this being done again the couple it is well against their rights.

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