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Cheating girlfriend embarrassed on social media, by her two boyfriends live (Watch Video)


A young lady who has been cheating to her boyfriend for years has been exposed on social media. Her boyfriend failed to handle her cheating and was forced to invite the other guy to explain himself why he keeps on inviting his girlfriend over. Little did he know that Nomsa is the one who comes to Prince for visits.

What started as a men's talk live on Facebook, escalated to a point we're she was invited to explain about her cheating. Lady couldn't say a word until Prince started using words she felt uncomfortable to hear. She then started to tell the other that she does not need him. Forgetting that she cheated her boyfriend with him.

For the first time in South Africa men expose their weakness. Nomsa's boyfriend exposed the love he has for the lady. By going live to communicate about his relationship, with the guy who is busy seeing his girlfriend behind his back.

Prince exposed happens when the guy is at work. Leaving him out of words after years of giving his trust to the lady Nomsa. Gents women are hard to trust love wise before you die of stroke.

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