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Heartbroken Man Finds Out Fiancee Who He Paid Her Nursing Fees For Has A Boyfriend

Love is a beautiful thing and it will always be a beautiful thing because it is a bond that is created from the purest form of humanity. When two people decide that they want to come together and share romantic love with each other, they vow to treat each other with care, with respect, with sincerity and never let their relationship be led by unfaithfulness or secrecy.

But in some relationships, people do not come together out of the genuineness of their hearts, and you find that, in most cases, only one person is determined to make sure that the relationship grows and becomes something beautiful while the other person is being unfaithful.

Heartbroken men on social media shared how they found out that their fiance had been unfaithful towards them, and they found this out through their boyfriend calling their phone and telling them to leave their girlfriend alone. The man stated how heartbroken he was to find out that someone that he had already paid lobola for and also was the one who had been paying for her to further her education in becoming a nurse, had been unfaithful all this time, even while they had children together. The

man who found out last night that his partner had been unfaithful stated that she has not returned back home after finding out that he knew that she was cheating on him. This is what the heartbroken man said: 

Last night, my fiance (who I stay with) went out with the girls. Around 11pm, her boyfriend called me on her cell phone, telling me to stay away from his girlfriend. I called in sick at work today & she is still not home. "

Many people on social media reacted to the heartbroken guy's story and they felt a lot of sympathy for him, especially because he invested so much in his relationship with his fiance and even took her to school. This is how she repays him. When a person finds a partner who is really genuine about loving them, it is important to ensure that one also stays genuine when it comes to loving their partner as well.

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