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Anything is possible in South Africa, getting a marriage certificate after his death? How?#Mamazala

I think Dingaan Khumalo is one of the people in MojaLove who is an expert in conflict resolution. I give him 99.99% in solving cases #Mamazala. Overtime @MojaLoveTv has given us content that has educated ,liberated ,empowered and grown us spiritually, socially and legally.

Some decisions we make while in love cause our parents alot of problems when we die. Inlaws are always abusing/bullying their daughters in law, especially after the husband passes on.

“The problem started after my husband died" The problem always starts after the husband passes away. That’s a common factor in all the cases Its clear the in-laws only tolerate the spouse for the sake of their child!

The Makoti has a marriage certificate for her and the late partner yet the death certificate says the he wasn’t married. Anything is possible in South Africa, getting a marrriage certificate after his death? How?😭#Mamazala

So the family just wanna take everything from makoti cause their son is no more.


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