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Mzansi Were Left Stitched After This Lady Said She Bath About 4 Times In #SingleandMingle

Mzansi Were Left Stitched After This Lady Said She Bath About 4 Times In #SingleandMingle

Source: Hashtag #SingleAndMingle twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157

Whoever does match making at single and mingle is either that person is high on something or he/she is clueless about match making. We're yet to see a proper match it's always drama.

I assume that the matchmaker is also single, they just want everyone else to be single too because there is no way. when he said he wants a slender and they brought a chubby woman. These people are failing at match making no ways. It's as if they not ask them their preferences beforehand. If you go to this show, just ask for the opposite of your type so you can trick the matchmaker into giving you actual type. The matchmaker must stop not giving people their types.

When guy said he likes picking up his woman he was telling the lady that he prefer di slender. For someone as dry as Thabo, he’s the last person to be making fun of this girl. The names he’s calling her are disgusting.

He wants to lift his partner and seems like he wont be able to. This guy is saying that he likes lifting his woman and this lady is too big for him. The lady is beautiful and everyone an see that and she has been independent. Mzansi love how she carries herself and she's proud to be herself unapologetically. But at least Thabo found himself a woman that will pick him up when they are kissing, just like in romantic movies, but his not buying it.

The lady said that she was in a relationship 4 months ago while Thabo has been single for 1 years and 6 months. The lady said thatbshe was in a abusive relationship, her boyfriend didn't want her to stay clean because she bath 4 times. Her ex was abusive and jealous because she is chubby. 

Sister has repeated the word " I bath" about 4 times. 

Thabo seems disappointed because he was not excited to see fat woman. He was looking for someone he can lift as they play alone. There's nothing more refreshing than Plus size woman who love themselves. It has to be difficult for a plus size woman to get a man who would love them, and still be strong to accept rejection because of their weight, huh. #SingleAndMingle

The lady disappointed Thabo when she answered phone on her date. Answering a call during a date is rude. Imagine first date she's already being asked about whose calling entitlement and controlling issues. People lie a lot on this show. The girl said she doesn't like him now she's telling the guy she wants someone like him. They're giving each other false hope instead of being honest.

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