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“What’s The Most Difficult Part About Being A Man?” - Twitter Asks

“After God, fear women” should also be a South African proverb because women put men through a lot to.

A Twitter user, Mpho Letsholonyane, asked Twitter folks what was the most difficult part about being a man. Men flooded her tweet with comments which are a clear indicator that South African women and the system need to do better. 

@si_tholee said: “Specifically in Mzansi: Having to work triple hard for everything and watch women get handed everything just for existing. And when you finally get where you want to be, you're still expected to give "back" a chunk of what you have all in the name of women empowerment.”

“The responsibility of carrying the dreams & hopes of a whole family can be very depressing during the most difficult of times. You literally have breathing humans with eyes wide open starring at you waiting for you to turn the situation around. It can get overwhelming, guys,” said @MphoMolepo. 

@funkyngwenya said: “Having no say about your unborn cause its her body her choice and she can abort your the child even if you want to keep the child.”

“Being expected to miraculously predict why she is angry, then solve the problem, apologize for it(doesn't matter if I'm wrong or right or have nothing to do with it completely), then make promises that I don't even think anybody has ever done. I also have a mother,” said @Slashjo1. 

@GoqaObakhe said: “Being a young black man is tough, we are not supposed to be stressed, depressed or tired whereas we are struggling with finding employment, supporting families, be young. The biggest difficulty for me is watching my age mates prospering while I suffer unemployment.”

The default settings of how women treat men and their high expectations clearly make it hard for men to conduct holy lives. The systems on the other hand is not doing them any justice. 

A plea to both women and the system: can you do better? 

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