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" Sangoma Sold Me Love Potion, Now My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Me And It Irritates Me "

I'm a person over 35 and my partner is 40. He used to be tempted to look at every skirt that came by. see a sangoma. The Sangoma gave me "bheka mina ngedwa" (a mixture of affection). El Muthi has brought the ideal result because my partner loves me now without a doubt, the problem is that he has to invest all his energy in me and he no longer goes out. He follows me around and notices me and starts to piss me off. 

Has become a problem and surprisingly only goes to young women on occasions like baby showers. I have no idea what to do to fix this accident as I miss my previous boyfriend. What should I do?

Let your better half know what your activities meant to you and your relationship. So one should have sought exhortations from family leaders and the elderly. They sound like someone who doesn't trust themselves, someone who expects a partner to end them. You need to build your confidence and be aware of the general public you lead. Assuming your co-workers can encourage you to accomplish something like this, something is wrong with them.



You weren't in the base to go to a sangoma to solve your relationship problems. You should have talked to your partner and found out why he acted like this and it may have discovered an answer.


Try worsening your own medication.This is unadulterated and inappropriate black magic. You are separate from everyone else. What is the reason you have to do magic with someone in order for them to worship you? You are a shame to women.


What you did is unjustifiable and will be counterproductive. I encourage you to coexist with him before he crosses the point of no return as he could kill you and himself if this spell takes significant damage.


I don't know why you are complaining since you needed it.The problem with the korobela (love mix) is that when the individual disappears, it will be more terrible than it was initially.

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