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Make-up sex: Here is why you should have it after a fight

After all the debate, making some different types of fireworks is the best way to make amends.

Even the happiest couples fight every now and then.

While apologizing when you're in debt is important, an intense makeup sèx session is a thousand times more fun. Making peace in the hay is undoubtedly the hottest way to calm things down, but is it always the best move for your relationship?

How Makeup Sèx Affects Your Emotions

Hot sèx is a surefire way to reaffirm your dedication to each other after a disagreement has shaken your confidence in your pairing ( whether temporarily).

This is a physical way of expressing that you are still with each other. You are restoring some of the attachment, intimacy, safety and security we seek in a relationship. This is to help bring into perspective whatever you're fighting for - your union is a priority.

Even if makeup sèx doesn't bring you both to òrgasm, she notes that feeling the ìntimacy of each other's touch causes the brain to release dopamine and oxytocin, or "cuddle hòrmones."

The Best Thing About Makeup Sèx you feel more connected

You made it through, which is great. Makeup sèx always makes you feel more connected to your partner than ever before. Of course, you survived too!

Makeup sèx is packed with unmistakable, heady energy, and the mere mention of it makes pants fly ( much like its conflict turns into lascivious twins, breakup sèx). Sèx after a fight is a powerful bond. It brings us back to what we share in this connection.

All the anger you feel has made you (physically) very hot

It feels very similar when you're angry and excited because your body temperature rises and you're short of breath, so flipping the switch to be kind instead of malicious ( though technically anger is not evil, it's a basic emotion) is a bit of a show A random miracle.

It's a great way to end a fight you don't know how to end

Have you ever had one of those fights where you didn't even know what you were talking about but you both looked really pissed off? Kissing someone aggressively is a great way to get out of a disagreement that may be meaningless and move to the bedroom to do it.

If something weird happens during sèx, you can laugh it off

Laughing during sèx always feels great, and after you've had a very intense and passionate fight over the horrible smell of his throw pillow, laughing can help you release all the nuisance that's still in both of your bodies Pointless tension, in fact he does. It can help you release any anger you may still be holding on to. 

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