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The world is his feet as after viewing the humiliated woman on Mnakwethu episode, read below

Mnakwethu is hosted by the Polygamist Musa Mseleku which is known as an emotional and empowering reality show that gives married man a chance to over power the fear of introducing polygamy to his current wife, it displays on Mzanzi magic Dstv channel 161. The latest episode left the world in disbelief as many viers was broken after been touched by the saddest humiliation show .

It stated that Mr Langa planned and send his family to pay lobola for the second wife behind his first wife Makhosi Shelembe's back. The irritating part was the second wife was already pregnant, Makhosi Shelembe stood up for herseld and refused to be ill treated like that. This episode has affected many people as they went to hunt for Makhosi Shelembe after the show to offer her all the support she need.

The polygamist Musa Mseleku as a host, he even stood up with Makhosi as he can see that Mr Langa has betrayed the woman big time. He said" polygamous marriage is not for everyone and people must follow the regulations". He then decided to walk witj first wige out.Polygamy means a system of marriage where by a person has more than one spouse at a time. In most cases is where a man marries more than one woman following the right procedures.

The world is his feet now showing Makhosi some love. What's your take on the Mnakwethu episode? Kindly leave your view by leaving a comment below, like and share the article.

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