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My Best Friend Invited Me For A Baby-shower Only To Get The Shock Of My Life For His Wife's Action

Life is full of shocks and secrets that we cannot fully comprehend. Ruth, a wrongfully accused lady, tells her story as she recounts how she got blind. Her mother died when she was 12, and she was raised by her father, but she dropped out of school.

When she married at the age of 21, everything was going well for her and her spouse. She received an invitation to her friend's baby shower one day. Ruth declined due to her hectic schedule, but she begged her. When she went to her baby shower that day, her friend Joan greeted her and offered her a drink.

She went inside, came out with acid, and dumped it on her face, damaging her two eyes. Joan, one of her friends, accused her of sleeping with her husband. She accused her of attempting to kidnap her spouse. Ruth contacted the police, but she was released due to her wealth and connections.

Ruth claims she is innocent and has nothing to do with her friend's spouse. Ruth claims she will be blind for the rest of her life as a result of a crime she did not commit. Ruth has vowed never to forgive her friend for ruining her and her children's lives. Because she is wealthy. She tells ladies to do their homework before damaging the lives of other women.

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