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Husband and wife relationship

Signs you have a spiritual husband and how to get rid of it

We have heard a lot of people talking about spiritual partners including pastors at church and traditional healers. The way it is explained these spirits target people who are vulnerable, for instance they target people who are not strong in prayer or protect and build their self spiritually. Here are signs to know you have been affected by this.

You start having intimate dreams almost every day and feel it for real. After experiencing this you can wake up wet or feeling uncomfortability in your sex organ like you would if you were intimate with someone.

You can also start having problems in your relationship because it is said these things are very jealous. They want you be alone and can even kill the person you are with.

You'll get aggressive and start being involved in a lot of fights. For instance if you are married you will start disrespecting your husband and causing unnecessary drama because these demons will be controlling your life.

People who are facing these are not really happy, some fail to conceive and have Miscarriages, because these demons are jealous and wouldn't want to see you happy especially when it involves another man.

Well a lot of spiritual people have spoken about this and solutions on ending it. As people we have different beliefs and what we believe in is what will work for us. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of this.

You'll need to pray very hard, fast and visit a pastor who will also help deliver you in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you don't want to go through the Christian route you can do the following steps.

If you wake up wet after having the intimate dream, you must wipe yourself with a tissue then you take the tissue outside and pour methylated spirit and burn it, then the dreams will stop.

Those who visits traditional healers and prophets can be giving steps on how to cleanse or bathe their self using required concoctions. There are also oils you can apply on your inner thighs before going to bed.

Remember each and everything works according to your belief.


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