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OPINION: I Think There is Something Mentally Wrong With This Guy

It's a NO for me, imagine my dad, hubby, brothers wearing this. What is this supposed to called a skirt or a kilt ? Sure he lost his marbles somewhere in his fashion studio, pliz someone help himWhat is fashionable about the waste of cloth! He should decide if the dress or trouser should be the outcome. Something is terribly wrong with the world nowadays, how can this be normalI think he's the one who's designing Tocky's clothes these days. This man is coming out slow but surely, soon we will know the side he plays for, we really need that wasted material in our country, please can someone reach outI have never seen a man who likes skirts like this he has a woman in him. I don't know any females who would wear those outfits. Actually I don't know any gay men who would wear those outfitsI will always love my black kings but every time you see something like this I feel the shame! I salute to all my real masculine African men out there love you to the moon and backThis is not fashion, he missed out on his childhood play girl dress up days, he needs counseling. Which gender is the design for? Because l dont think it's appropriate especially for the male gender likewise the female gender too

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