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Pregnancy period

Not Finding Love? The root of your problem may lie in your birth and childhood

There are a lot of very sick people walking around who look healthy. The problem is quite simple: they cannot find love.

This is often demonstrated by how desperate people are to find love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Many have thought that lots of money will solve the problem, but you can not buy love and acceptance, no matter how much you are willing to pay for it.

So why is it that more than half the world can not find love?

The answer will surprise you. It can be traced back to the way people were born and the way they were raised. There are certain things early in life that open the door for the spirit of rejection to take over a person's life and cause them to never succeed in finding love and acceptance.

This begins in the womb.  The pregnant mother might be upset because the pregnancy comes as a surprise. It could be out of wedlock or she's not sure yet if the father will marry her. I know I sound old-fashioned, but many of these feelings and situations have not changed over the years, just as people's desperate search for love has not changed for centuries.  You see, we were born to love and be loved.

In other cases, the door for rejection and the inability to find love later in life can be pushed open at birth: The mother wants a boy and finds she is having a girl. She is bitterly disappointed and this opens the door for the young girl's lifelong suffering because of the spirit of rejection.

Symptoms that clearly show you that someone is suffering from rejection and will never find love include an inferiority complex and great difficulty in finding a life partner. and childhood.

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Not Finding Love


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