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5 things a woman wants in cool morning, but she will not tell you. [Knowledge]

It has been discovered that women in Ghana are one of the most generous, compassionate, and soft-hearted members of GOD's creation. They have a really distinct and distinct style of behaving and acting.

A woman's desires are never revealed unless she expresses them to you. Without them opening up and telling you what they're thinking, you'll never be able to comprehend or grasp their intentions. Women, on the whole, are difficult to comprehend...

Women typically expect men to be aware of the difficulties she is through. She would expect you to be able to discern her mood and provide her with attention. You may encounter situations in which a lady, when asked what the matter is with her, would claim that everything is OK, but she is not. In order to encourage and pamper her into opening up and telling you what is going on, she has simply stated that she feels fine.

According to my research on female behavior, I will reveal some of the behaviors, demands and things that women do first thing in the morning but will not tell you about because they want you to figure it out for yourself in this post. Take a look and see what you can discover.

1. Woke your woman up in the morning.

Getting children out of bed in the morning is not the only reason they should get up early. Women expect you to wake them up from their sleep in the same manner that you wake your children from their beds in the morning. They consider it to be an act of love and care in romantic relationships and marriages, among other reasons.

2. Always greet Her.

The same way you welcome your children every morning and expect them to return your greetings, you should greet your wife in the same manner. Observe her behavior and inquire as to whether she had a pleasant night's sleep or whether she experienced nightmares. Then sit back and enjoy watching her happiness grow!

3. Tell her always "I Love You"

It is really vital to tell your wife that you love her every morning, no matter how simple and easy it may appear. This man instills a powerful message in her heart, and she will take it with her in her mind wherever she goes for the rest of her day. Tell her how attractive she is and express your appreciation for her. That she is your queen, and she will be quite happy in her position.

4. Kisses

The majority of women crave a morning kiss from their spouse. Just a harmless yet pleasant kiss on the forehead or on the cheek would suffice here. After all, she's certain to enjoy it if you give it a shot.

5. Make her light breakfast.

Breakfast for your wife every morning will not be detrimental to your relationship. Your manhood will be lowered as a result. Your masculinity will not be diminished, nor will your individuality be diminished. Make your girlfriend a light breakfast, whether it's tea or any other Ghanaian meal that's cooked with nutritious foods, and she'll go crazy for you.

They are not going to inform you whether there are other things that ladies want very early in the morning. This is only a list of those I'm familiar with.

Please take the time to educate our young guys who are out in the community.

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