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Men, 5 Things You Should Know Before Approaching Any Woman

Many men are curious about how to approach a beautiful woman in public. This is due to their desire to avoid embarrassment. Isn't it possible that the vast majority of your anxieties are unfounded? Unlike in the past, women today seldom shame men in public. Instead, men need to modify their thinking. Here are some things to consider before approaching a woman that you'll learn from this post.

When approaching a woman, you should have confidence in what you have to offer the woman. In other words, because the lady needs you, your approach will change. When approaching a woman, you must have this level of self-assurance. You need to be tall and self-assured when you walk and speak. You'll be ignored if you appear weak to her.

Avoid wasting time: If you notice a beautiful woman and your subconscious tells you that she's your kind, go ahead and say "hello" to her. You'll lose her if you overanalyze your conversation with her. Listen, women are usually able to tell when a guy lacks the confidence to go for them. Waiting too long will give her the impression that you lack the confidence to approach her. As a result, develop the ability to approach quickly.

Don't approach a woman from the front; instead, approach from the side. Act as if you're about to leave when you're talking to her. Make no assumptions about having 24 hours with her.

Approaching her is primarily for the purpose of obtaining her cell phone number, after which you should depart. After a few minutes of chit-chatting, tell her how great it was to meet her. Finally, when you are about to depart, hand her your phone so she can record your phone number. Most women have no idea what to reply when a guy asks, "Can I have your phone number?" Confidence is demonstrated by handing her your phone without a word of explanation. Leave as soon as you have the person's phone number.

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