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"This Is Indiscipline" These Couples Must Be Arrested For Disgracing Their Country (Opinion)

Honeymoon is a pleasant place where couples enjoy themselves and plan together for their first year. Everything needs to be done happily when you celebrate your honeymoon with your husband or wife, but not at your country's expense.

These two had a happy marriage and after the wedding feast and all, they picked where to spend their nicest luncheon, not knowing that there was nobody anticipated everywhere.

The honeymoon was celebrated on a muddy road, where it seems that the president or governor of the state is planning the construction of the highway.

They rolled their bed along the muddy road with a smile and had a nice time as if nothing was wrong. You have disgraced your family, the community in which you have grown up, your church, your school, your country and Africa as a whole. You will be arrested to guarantee that this doesn't happen again.

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