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She Doesn't Like You, She's Only Playing With Your Emotions. - OPINION.

Hello, I hope everything is well with you. It's been a long time since we've published an article with such an intriguing title. So, today, I'm going to teach you how to recognize games that women play that could wind up wrecking everything. So, if she does any of the following things to you, there's a good likelihood she'll cheat on you. In the name of love, you should not allow someone to play with your emotions.

She vanishes for an extended amount of time.

If she's the type of lady who goes missing practically every time and then comes up with a plan to fool you, there's a good possibility she'll try to manipulate your emotions. I always say that if a girl truly loves you, she will be willing to keep you company no matter how difficult the circumstance is.

What you should bear in mind is that such girls will frequently make excuses like her phone was stolen, her text messages were not delivered on time, or even that they were swept away by sleep. I'm attempting to widen your thinking to the point where, if you have such a woman, you should give up on her.

Disappearing isn't necessarily a terrible thing because she may have committed a crime in some way. What matters most is how many times she performs it in a row. If she's the type of girl who makes up stupid reasons when she's not around, you shouldn't listen to her.

She never posts about you on social media.

Such girls frequently state that they like to live a secluded life. Yes, she prefers a private existence, but some women go as far as not sharing their lovers' birthdays or even when they go on a date. She may choose to post while you were on a date, but she will crop you. It's only your hand that can be seen.

If you find her acting in this way, just remember that she probably has other possibilities who are more active than you. Do not attempt to spy on her since you will only depress yourself. The best thing to do is just try to put some distance between you and her as time passes, and eventually walk away from her.

In front of you, she flirts with other men.

It's a red sign for you if you have a woman who isn't afraid to flirt with other ladies while you're with her. Such girls pretend to be highly friendly with everyone so that their genuine objectives are hidden.

If you go above and beyond by attempting to communicate with her and she claims that's how she is, I believe it's past time for you to request a breakup. Why is it that she is flirting with other men when you are present? It's preferable if she flirts with them when you're not present.

Some even refuse to save your phone number with your genuine name. She has the power to choose whether or not to save you as her "sister" or "brother." Most of them enjoy doing so in order to keep people guessing. Unlike when she saves you as babe or sweetheart, no man would bother calling someone linked to her.

Thanks for reading.

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