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10 Tips for a Successful First Date

Here are some advice for first dates to ensure that you're moving your relationship in the direction you want it to.

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1. Take her to a place you frequent. If you take her to a location where you are well-known, you will greatly increase your own value and reputation. Stop by and talk to the employees there. Find out their names and be sure they are aware of yours. It only speaks highly of you. Create a space like this if you don't already have one.

2. Bring her to a unique restaurant. Going out for sushi or other true ethnic food is far more enjoyable than simply eating at a regular restaurant. You don't want it to be so exciting that there is constantly a wild thing happening and you are unable to communicate with her. Just be certain that it is a little unique.

3. Relax. Your date will unwind more the more you unwind and act comfortable. Simply take a deep breath, release the tension in your shoulder muscles, and smile if you notice that you are becoming anxious or tight. Just remember to enjoy yourself.

4. Ditch your hopes and dreams. I go into so many guys who put expectations on everything they do. They believe that if they buy her dinner, she will become their wife or girlfriend. You'll stand a much better chance of making progress if you simply enjoy your time together, act as you would around someone you know well, and convey that you couldn't care less if anything happens between the two of you than if you act as though she's the first girl you've seen in twenty years, acting incredibly nervous and foolish to the point where she flees.

5. Avoid talking about mundane or "guy" topics. Talk about her profession, her previous places of attendance, or where she attends college if you want to be like all the other dull guys out there. Discuss male interests like sports, weightlifting, or other things like that only if SHE is already really engaged in them. Additionally, avoid treating a subject like it's the only one you can bring up. Allow a conversation to end if it does.

6. If you run out of things to say, have a story or two ready to share. Having a few stories on hand to tell at any time is one of the easiest ways to keep a conversation going. Say "Anyway" as the talk ends and then launch into a narrative. Just a little bit different, not something too remarkable, is sufficient for the story.

Describe a date you went on where your date did something humorous or embarrassing. Relationship topics are the most popular among women and are also the simplest to discuss. Grab a girlie magazine and read it for 15 minutes if you're having issues. There ought to be more than enough material for conversation.

7. Have a general knowledge of many things. I probably know enough to talk for at least five minutes about practically everything you ask. Conversations on just about any subject will be simpler the more you understand about it.

8. Pay attention to your date if she wants to talk. People enjoy conversing and believe that what they have to say is significant. This does not imply that you should press her with inquiries until she opens up. Feel free to talk if she isn't. But if she is, don't cut her off.

9. Avoid attempting to wow your date. One of the worst things a man can do is boast about his wealth, the type of vehicle he drives, or any other act that suggests he's making an effort to impress. Let her know when she sees your cool house or automobile if you do have one. And don't be shocked if she isn't impressed. Being a peaceful, enjoyable, and cool man is much better for you than attempting to win her favor.

10. Make an agenda. Your date should be organized in advance. You should plan it out, but you should also be flexible. Don't be so set in your ways that you can't alter your plans if something comes up that could be a lot of fun. To ensure that you always have something to accomplish, your strategy should serve more as a guide.

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