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VIDEO: Ntswaki says is tough for him to take her on a date because his worried about being broke

Ntswaki has realized that there is a decline in how life has changed because of the price hikes. When the inflation hits the citizens, it will have to limit some people because they are not going to afford to support more people. That is why Ntswaki is rather not entirely disappointed but intrigued at how it is not easy to get money from men.


From her perspective, it was not very difficult to find someone to help because life was a lifestyle that was less affordable. But when the market changes, it forces people to also go for a lifestyle that will not get them into debt and have to impress other people. The impression of trying to impress others has shuttered a lot of people's lives from great to terrible.

When you are asking someone for some to buy a cold drink and that person says they do not have it, it is someone you are not going to complain about because he is stingy. Just like what happened on Skeem Sam. When Leshole took his lady out for a date, many people did not like it when he made her pay half the bill. It makes sense because life is 50/50.


You don't have to worry about those who are having to put a huge standard of living on the person who will be trying to date them and they can't even afford that lifestyle they want for themselves. It will be an ongoing occurrence and debate, but for someone like Ntswaki, she understands what is happening in general. It will put you at ease the moment you understand.


But then everyone has a choice to choose what kind of lifestyle they want for themselves, and you have to make other people feel less of a person. The reason why everyone is going to school is to be able to afford their lifestyle and not have to ask for help from other people. If you have that mentality about life, you are not going to sit down hoping for something to happen.

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