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" Dating A Married Man Is A Sign That You Have A Low Self Esteem " || See What People Are Saying

Date : 08 December 2021

Another man has caused a stir on social media after he uploaded a status that ended up being personal to many people. Twitter user by the name of " Sizwe Luthuli" dating a married man is a sign that you have a low self esteem, you don't know your worth. Anyways what is the end game when you say yes to him. You wish that he leaves his wife and three children for you. You're settling to being second best to him all your life? "?. This has left many people so worked up because it sounds so personal to many women. There are women who do not hesitate to date men that are already married.

Some women do not really mind to be the second person and start a relationship with a married man and they tend to have hope that the man will leave his wife and kids for them . This has been happening for many years and it continues to do be happening. Now the big question is why would someone settle to be in a relationship with a person who is married than to start a relationship with a person who is single and build their own family? . It is hard to understand why women prefer to date men who are married.

Note that this has broken the marriages of many people. Masses say women should never be blamed for that because it is men who usually approach women knowing very well that they are married. It is the responsibility of men to ensure that their marriage is safe from anything that can pose a risk. How we wish men could stop approaching other women when they have their wives at home. Also if a women is approached by married man it is her responsibility to refuse and settle for being the first priority than to be second best. What is your take on this matter?

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