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Soul ties? You can cut ties with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend using this simple method

Get 2x candles (white or red)

Get 1x string (wool is fine)

Get 1x scissors

* Carve your name and the (cutie's) name.

* Tie both candles with the string.

* Lit up the candles.

* Make a list of ex's write them down on a piece of paper.

Fold the list of names and set it alight using the candles and let it burn out.

* Take your scissors and cut the string changing I am cutting all soul ties from me, what belongs to me remains with me.

* Let the candles burn out.

Also, cutting soul ties should be done with caution. It has to be done in a way that heals both parties, or else the one who was cut abruptly may become your stalker and nightmare. Pray bathong

This Sounds like Osmosis,but it’s like private school witchcraft,anyways.whether u believe or not,if u have seen the Devil or know how he looks like,then this will work.if u have not then u playing games.the point is there is only 2 powers at play in the world ,

For example,have u ever seen someone graduated & all of sudden the become (insane)crazy,or someone doing well in life out the blue they become poor n loose everything,or someone doing well marries someone and it all comes down crumbling.or someone marries someone & they start

people shouldn’t just do this without proper knowledge and consultation, how does one know they have their soul tied with someone else and also having bad luck in your life is not always because of you have slept with someone,there is fate and destiny. You people like things.

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