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Scandal: Its ended in tears for Mlungisi after Nonzi scammed him a house. Should Zinzile forgive him

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in. 

It's been a month of fighting between Zinzile and Mlungisi. They've been through a lot together and they managed to save their relationship but this time looks completely different, Mlungisi cheated with Mama OMphile and Zinzile forgave him and accepted his daughter Omphile as her own. 

Just 1 mistake, only 1 stupid mistake of sleeping with Neo Mokhethi Mlungisi is failing to forgive his wife, the mother of his children, why is it so difficult for men to forgive their partners. I don't know if Mlungisi was paying a revenge or what but he decided to date the tenant right under Zinzile's nose. 

They kept it a secret until Zinzile tricks them and find the truth who is dating her husband. Guys what supprise m eis that Mlungisi doesn't wants to officially end things with makaScelo, I mean Zinzile asked him if He still love her or not and and He failed to unswer. 

August teasers reveals that Nonzi will show Mlungisi her true colors, she will trick him into signing the biggest Ngema asset to herb which is a house obviously. I really feel sorry for the kids. 

Guys before I end this video I have this question for you 

Would you advise Zinzile to continue to fight for her marriage or you can advise her to move on with her life without Mlungisi. 

Please comment below and share your opinion. Thnks for watching by. 

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