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He left her for another woman for revenge she did the unthinkable screenshots provided

It's painful how women sacrifice a lot for men just in the name of love. People won't understand but women are gentle and when they love they love for real and this means they do more than enough just to see their partner happy. Though some people call it love is blind, but some women don't see it like that but they call it love.

Some men no matter how hard you try to show them how much you love them they will never change. Once a cheater always a cheater, some men are opportunists and they will never change because they are told to do so. I guess it's just in their nature they are like that.

A lady left people in shock after exposing her ex-boyfriend and humiliating him in public after what he did to her. A Lady by the name of Thembisile took to her social media account as she claims that her ex-boyfriend has allegedly left her for another woman who has money. So for him to pay for what he did she decided to expose him on social media by telling people what kind of a man he is.

But what makes her even angrier is that it's not the first time he has done something like this before, he has left her before but he decided to come back when he saw that Thembile's life is becoming bright new opportunities are coming her way, after seeing her making a song with Prince Kaybee but when he noticed that things are going slow and Thembisile is not working he then cheated on her with another woman who has money living her heartbroken.

Though some people won't understand why she did what she did Thembisile was in love and men are smooth talkers. And that's a lot of woman's weaknesses that's why we have women who kill themselves for men it's because of situations like these.

At this moment she is hurting and people think what she is doing is wrong it won't help her heal but it will destroy her even more. I guess she is going through all this because she is hurting and she need closure.

But people need to keep on checking on her as people in this situation don't think clearly, she might hurt herself. But truly speaking she needs to forget about him move on with your life you will find someone who will love you and treat you better.

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Prince Kaybee Thembisile


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