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Stop Breaking Your Own Heart, The Truth is Loving Someone Shouldn't be so Hard.

You like this guy a lot. You think you two would make a great couple, and there is nobody else that you would rather be with. Even though your friends warn you that the relationship might not work out, what can they possibly know? This is your life, so make your own choices.

I apologize for being unsupportive. Your friends are right. Sometimes we can't see what's wrong when we are in the "bubble," but those near you can.

When your friends pointed out that you were crying almost every night, you did whatever you could to “protect” her and the relationship. She said she loved you, yet it's always you who is putting in the effort.

You're hurting yourself even more by doing that, girl.

When you are in a relationship with the right person, it is easy.

In a past relationship, I liked someone who wasn't interested in me. Despite my heart's understanding, I clung to it, not realizing it wasn't even worth holding on to. It was me who called her. I planned where our date would be. I tried my best to like house music because that's what she wanted. It was all about her. Although I thought it was true love, it was hard on me.

Despite having relationship problems today, it still feels easy because of the balance in our efforts, and every issue we face doesn't feel burdensome to us. In a healthy relationship, we solve problems together. That's how it's supposed to be.

You need someone who will put in the long-term effort in a relationship, not just at the beginning. If you feel the other way around, then something is wrong. Take a closer look at her efforts and yours in the relationship so you can see if there is a difference. Reassessing it sometimes brings you clarity.

She was leaving her means opening a new chapter. It can be not very comforting, but I'm here to tell you that it's the only way for you to find someone right and build a healthy relationship.

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Stop Breaking Your Own Heart


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