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What are boundaries in relationships? Romantic, Parents, Friends

What are boundaries in relationships? Romantic, Parents, Friends

Boundary: Diving line between locations, people, events or things ( English Dictionary ).

In simpler terms, a boundary is supposed to mark a division or end between two things. In human relations, boundaries mean one human being dividing their energy, time, money, attention and entire existence up to a certain extent when interacting with another human being.

Obviously, not all boundaries are innate. For example, a baby may have a boundary when it comes to how they interact with a stranger, but may not have boundaries in how they interact with their mother or father. This way of exercising boundaries can extend up to adulthood, whereby people apply boundaries to those they are not close with but fail to apply boundaries to those who are closer to them. Such relationships include: parent-child relationships, husband-wife relationships or even in friendships.

More than this, one can set boundaries for themselves. For example, how much food you consume in a day, how much time you spend on social media, how much money you spend every month and more.

By and large, boundaries are about setting limits in how we interact with ourselves and those around us.


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