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I Dated Two Boyfriends And They All Died Strange Deaths, I Thought I Was Cursed, Lady Confesses

Stella has admitted that she felt cursed because she had two boyfriends who died within a year of each other. She claims, "I was frightened of getting myself involved in a significant relationship."

She met her first partner in high school, with whom she had a six-month internet romance. Stella eventually met her first partner, whom she had met on social networking, after a six-month wait.

She brags about her ex-boyfriend, saying, 'He was the best.' They got together one day, but he wasn't feeling well at the time. It is stated that he complained of a headache, and they figured it was a common headache, so they went their separate ways, and that was the last time he saw him.

He died the next morning as a result of meningitis, she found out the next day. She was unable to attend his funeral due to her extreme depression and the fact that she was unknown to the family.

According to her, this was the darkest time of her life, and she feels she went into a state of depression, believing she was to blame for the deaths of her two companions.

Stella discovered a man who could relate to her and understand what she was going through through their experience. They are still together two years after meeting, and she is ecstatic that she has been able to overcome her challenges.

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