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8 Main Things A Man Should Never do to Please A Woman. - OPINION.

It's self-evident that guys will go to any length to please the ladies they care about. As they try to communicate their love, most guys fall prey to ladies' tactics. Men should be responsible and strive to make their wives happy, but they must also set boundaries.

I'm not recommending they stop being romantic, but no matter how much you love her, avoid doing the following eight things:

1. Pay her school fees - Unless it's their wife, males should not pay their wives' school tuition. Don't take it for granted that she will always owe you money. Keep in mind that individuals evolve, and a lady may abandon you despite your best efforts.

2. Perform a crime for her - you should never steal or kill in order to keep her dazzling lifestyle. She's expected to understand that you're broke and that you should probably wait for the greatest opportunity.

3. Disrespect your family in order to please her - men are easily misled by their girlfriends, especially when she knows you love her and don't want to lose her. Women will try to show you the dark side of your family in order to lure you closer to them, but remember that your family will always be there for you after she departs.

4. Change your appearance - most guys take drugs to boost their manhood, but remember that the medications only influence your health, not hers, before taking them.

5. Being overly submissive - in order to retain respect, don't give in to all of her wishes.

6. Forget your dreams - If your relationship is not jeopardized, you should pursue your aspirations.

7. Compromise your requirements for hers - most guys delight their ladies by going hungry and buying her a five-star meal or a house when you don't have one. Don't do it because you'll be disappointed in the end.

8. Death for her - What's the sense of dying yourself because a lady hasn't accepted your proposal or has betrayed you? After disappointments, life goes on, and one should keep living.

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