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Signs of a man who pretends to love you more

There's a difference between wanting to be loved and not being loved, and it's worse when you're with someone who just pretends to love you. Men fall in love with women they don't love, but women tend to settle down and blind a man who doesn't care. If you notice these clues in him, you can assume that he is just pretending to love you.

1. You want to keep your relationship a secret. 

If a man loves you, he will never want to keep you hidden or secret; In fact, they get angry when your relatives and acquaintances do not know of their existence. Don't get me wrong: there is a difference between keeping a secret and keeping privacy. Privacy means you don't discuss him on social media, while secrecy means hiding from those around you and a clear indication that he is pretending to love you.

2. You are not sure of your position in his life. As I said, love is not ambiguous, not for others, but especially for you. You will know when a man loves you. 

It is a sign that he is pretending to love you when he tells you that he really loves you but you are still not sure where you are in his life. A man who cares about you will always reassure you how important you are to him.

3. He never talks to you about the future. If a man loves you, he will remember you in the future. You will use the words “we” and “our” in place of “my” or “my”.You don't have to push for these things very often. He will make plans for the future with you in mind, but if he just pretends to love you, he won't mention you anymore.

4. You care more about physical intimacy than emotional intimacy. men are great at pretending they just want to have sex with you. A man can have sex with you without loving you or looking after you. 

So girls, if a man is just thinking about how to get you to bed and he doesn't care about your feelings, then he's a fraud. 

5. He only cares what he can get from you. Finally, you can tell if a man is pretending to love you by whatever he gets from you, such as money, gifts, and attention. If he doesn't get any of these things from you, he can drop it or show you his warning signs.

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