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Nigerian Women are not Fascinated by Men from other Countries just like SA Women - Man Proclaims

Throughout the long term, we have seen a developing number of South African ladies going into associations with men from other ethnicity particularly Nigerians and this has brought up the issue of why South African men really prefers not to go into associations with Nigerian women very much like the female partner.

This is the specific concern of a South African woman known as Miss Diko on Twitter who requested to know why South African men prefer not to date Nigerian ladies.

In response, a South African man who goes by the name Zuko said that Nigerian women are an alternate variety who lean toward their men. He went further to express that they are not captivated by men from different nations very much like on account of South African women.

He added that the main Nigerian women who are open for relationship with outsiders are the ones who dwell in places like the United Kingdom and United States.

As indicated by Zuko's articulation on Twitter and it says:

"Nigerian ladies move unique, they incline toward their own men. They are not intrigued by men from different nations like South African ladies. The main Nigerian ladies who are more open are those you find in nations like the United Kingdom and United States."


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