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Meet the 'most fertile woman in the world', see how many children she has

Her name is Mariam Nabatanzi, a 40 year old woman from Uganda. She is the most fertile woman in the world.

When she was 12 years old, her parents sold her to a man that was 40 years. Mariam had no idea who he was until she was left at his house. One year later she had her first twins, the next year triplets, the year after quadruplets and so on...

Her husband would leave her for periods of months, even years until he finally decided to leave her forever. She was always left alone and he took no part in raising the kids. She was really struggling in taking care of her babies. She had to work very hard to provide for them.

Desperate for cash, she turns a hand to everything: hairdressing, event decorating, brewing local gin and selling herbal medicine. The money is swallowed up by food, medical care, clothing and school fees.

In the end Mariam gave birth to six twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and two singletons. There was also six more, but unfortunately they passed away. In total she gave birth to 44 children, 36 are alive today.

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Mariam Nabatanzi Uganda


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